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Today, few opinion makers in the world – either amongst the international political leadership, the media, or intellectuals in Western democracies, believe that the Iranian people could succeed in their struggle to liberate their country and rid the world of the dangerous expansionist, fundamentalist and military dictatorship that is leading our country towards a devastating war in the region with grave global consequences.

But I say to you, with strength and determination, that we will overthrow this illegitimate regime which is nothing more than a force of occupation since the 12 June 2009 coup d’état it instigated against the Iranian people.

We will overthrow this regime to free the Iranian people, and establish freedom: freedom of thought, freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom and equality for women, for minorities, for trade unions, for the press, and so on…

We will overthrow this regime to restore the basic rights of our people which are being violated on a daily basis.

We will overthrow this regime so as to erase forever the shame that comes with summary execution of minors. We will overthrow this regime so that never again shall any government sanction such barbaric and unacceptable punishments as cuttings limbs or stoning women to death.

We will overthrow this regime to establish justice in our country: justice and the rule of law for all citizens, justice and equality for all religious and ethnic minorities, and justice for sharing the fruits and riches of our nation.

We will overthrow this regime to build a great, prosperous and democratic Iran, and thus provide our people with a bright and unencumbered future.

We will overthrow this regime, because this regime wants to lead our people and our region into war, and the entire world into chaos.

We will overthrow this regime because people in one of the world’s richest nations and most ancient civilisations are living in poverty and shame and fearful of their future.

We will overthrow this regime because nearly 40% of our young people are unemployed and without hope of a better future. 4 million Iranians are drug users helplessly left to fend for themselves while many young women are forced into prostitution in order to simply make a living and survive.

We will overthrow this regime because today our nation is ready to make the necessary sacrifices, especially now that this military-religious dictatorship has become so divided – divided within its governmental bodies, divided within the clerical establishment, and most importantly divided within the Revolutionary Guards. These are the very same forces that will rally behind us as we assert ourselves as the only credible alternative.

We will overthrow this regime because we will enhance the momentum of the ‘Green Movement of the people’ by providing the necessary structure, strategy and leadership needed to ensure our victory. We will overthrow this regime because we will transform this courageous and spontaneous response of our people to despotism into a force of resistance that will lead our nation into a general insurrection that will only stop when the regime has collapsed and a provisional government put in its place.

We will overthrow this regime because we will unify the opposition without consigning it into a single movement where they would lose their individual identities or objectives for a post-Islamic regime. We will, in parallel, prepare a policy platform for the upcoming provisional government, while at the same time establishing resistance cells inside the country as we reinforce our contacts with supportive elements within the regime.
Finally, we will overthrow this regime because our survival depends on it.

I’ve asked Dr Khonsari to lead, by my side, the ‘Green Wave’ which has been created to support and help all opposition groups without exception, regardless of their political ideologies, as long as they remain committed to accepting the democratic rules of the game as well as a common goal fir regime change. ‘Green Wave’ will be the first opposition structure since 1979 to provide financial and logistical backing and support for any needed action carried out by Iranians inside the country fighting the regime.

In parallel, a group of experts from my country, who for reasons of security will remain anonymous, are working on a project concerning the needed action plan for a provisional government. I have asked that their proposals be submitted in the course of the next 3 months.

This report will provide a clear and detailed picture of what the governance of this country is likely to be once the country has been liberated. This group of experts will take into account the realities and the difficulties facing the country as well as likely forces currently engaged that could continue their work with the provisional government so that the role, the roadmap and the duration of such a government is properly defined. This process will ultimately culminate in the convening of an elected constituent assembly that will submit Iran’s new constitution – paving the way for free elections after a transition period – to a national referendum for final approval.

In the meantime we will transform every single cell of dissatisfaction within Iran into cells of resistance within every segment of our society.

In parallel, we will help all those within the regime who are seeking to leave the country to lend us their support from abroad – by providing an infrastructure that will assist with all the necessary help and support that will be required. At the same time we will also continue our negotiations with key elements inside the regime who are willing to join us for liberating our homeland when the time has arrived.

As such, we will strengthen the ‘Green Movement of the Iranian people’ and transform it into a vehicle for the liberation of the Iranian nation. No longer will the evil and undemocratic forces who occupy our country be able to block this liberation effort.

Overthrowing this regime will not be an easy task. It will involve great pain and sacrifice. It will be long and laborious. We will endure times of euphoria and times of deep despair. But in the end we will succeed because our victory is enshrined in our country’s sense of History.

I say to you and to all those who doubt the victory of our people loud and clear – that nothing will stop our WILL to become the force for liberation and a Democratic Iran.

I will end by saying that we have just one imperative objective:
We must succeed in overthrowing this regime before Ahmadinejad leads us into a regional war with catastrophic global consequences – a war that will use up all our resources and sacrifice our youth; a war that will have devastating consequences for our country, for the region and for the entire world.

But I am in no doubt that we will succeed simply because we have no other option

Speech from Mr. Jahanchahi from London


Website: Mr. Jahanchahi Green Wave