The recent pro Irani war propaganda which intends to use a victim of Iran’s legislative loophole regarding stoning in order to demonise the opponent becomes more evident when you learn the FACTS that no one has ever been stoned to death in Iran. And that it has long been codified and finally completely removed from Iran’s penal code.
Many Muslim clerics, religious scholars, and political leaders have spoken out against the practice of stoning, deeming it "un-Islamic." Just in Iran, Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatollah Yousef Saneii and Ayatollah Seyyed Mohamamd Mousavi Bojnourdi have all spoken out against the practice, among many others. Some Muslim clerics such as Ayatollah Hussein Mousavi Tabrizi argued that stoning should be stopped as a response to the demands of modern age.
In 2008, Iran’s judiciary decided to scrap the punishment of stoning in draft legislation submitted to parliament for approval. In July of 2010, the Iranian judiciary spokesman Jamal Karimirad was quoted as saying "Stoning has been dropped from the penal code for a long time, and in the(Islamic republic, we do not see such punishments being carried out", further adding that if stoning sentences were passed by lower courts, they were over-ruled by higher courts and "no such verdicts have been carried out."


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