Radio Zamaneh (Persian: رادیو زمانه) is an Amsterdam-based Persian language radio. “Zamaneh” is the Persian literary term for “time”.

Radio Zamaneh is founding by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs but in content an independent broadcasting organization, registered as a non-profit organization in the Netherlands, with its headquarters and studio in Amsterdam. The coordinator of the radio is the Dutch NGO Press Now.

Radio Zamaneh broadcasts in Persian via satellite and the internet. The programs contain political news and bulletins, philosophical, social and cultural issues

Mehdi Jami was the director of Radio Zamaneh from the beginning until October 2008. Jami formerly associated with BBC‘s Persian Service. Persian-born Dutch politician and MP, Farah Karimi, was among the founding members of the media. After Jami, from November 2008 until July 2009, Zoran Djukanovic, who is program coordinator of Radio Zamaneh at Press Now, was the Interim Director, with Hossein Alavi as Interim Editor-in-Chief. In July 2009, Farid Haerinejad and Ruth Kronenburg joined Radio Zamaneh as the new Editor-in-Chief and Director of the organization.



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