Call from young Iranians

We join a call by young Iranians who have asked that a candle be lit this Monday night to keep the memory of Neda and all of our fallen children alive. Their dreams and sacrifice light our way and inspire us to continue on this road to Freedom. Please help us spread the word and note that photos and videos of your night of remembrance are very welcome and may be sent to:


One response to “Call from young Iranians

  1. Although I am not Iranian, nor from that region of the world. I am a woman, and the woman of and in Iran my mothers, my sisters, and my children, Our hope for the future.

    I for one will burn three candles on Monday night. One for the Crone, Our Great-Grandmothers our Grandmothers, all those who came before us and created by birth who we are today.

    One for my generation, the matron, those who strive to save all that they have been, all who they are now and will be in the future. Those who fight and die or worse, for the rights presented to us by nature at our birth.

    The last candle I will light for those who are maidens, all those who come after me, taking what and who I am into the future, forevermore what I do this day will be remembered in the future. It’s in our blood, passed on by birth.

    I will say a prayer and try and send some energy of hope and of strength in resilience to all those fighting to free the woman of Iran. Know woman you are the goddess of today. You and only you give birth to our next generation. Only you have the rights of birth given by nature.

    Blessed be. and blessings upon you this day. Strength to you upon this day. Compassion to you upon this day. For only you can teach those who come after you the GLORY, and POWER of being a woman!

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