Anniversary Neda Soltan June 20, 2012

3 responses to “Anniversary Neda Soltan June 20, 2012

  1. Neda Soltan’s Stone

    Bullet scared
    Your stone bears your purity
    Your stone bears their hate
    And I have been accused of idolatry
    Praying at your martyr’s grave.

    Basiji’s Bullet
    Piercing so many hearts
    Tearing through your flesh
    Striping away the veil
    Your soul’s innocents.

    The bullet
    Opened the wounds of my corruption
    Now my soul bears the acid of their hate
    So, I kneel at your martyr’s grave
    Gasping at your beauty
    Here is Karbala.

    End 2012

    Neda Soltan’s Vultures

    Oh Neda,
    We have gathered here for you
    It is not a proper burial
    It is not what you deserve
    But we have this great honor.

    Circling far above the fray
    Our harsh cries go unheard
    Long after your murderers departed
    We stand your vigil
    We have this great honor.

    Your people do not know
    Where they left you
    So they visit the desert
    It is our place
    We have this honor.

    We have seen …
    This is our service
    And we feed with hunger
    On the blood of your sacrifice
    Our honor.

    We were at Karbala
    And we are here for you
    Hungry for your sacrifice
    It is our service for you
    Allah Akbar!

    End 2011

    Neda Soltan’s Coup D’oeil

    To the cheek
    a vast narrowing
    a focusing
    a smaller centering
    stroke of [the] eye
    Coup d’oeil.

    For each a notch
    The heroes of Persia
    The Strategos of Anatolia
    The charismatic of Alexandria’s polis
    Each dies in the valley of one breath.

    An instrument
    Without adornment
    Reduced to its function
    The man becomes something less
    And another decides his purpose.

    Now on the sands of Karbala,
    The warrior cries for the child he has murdered.
    “Oh Allah, I did not want to kill her!”
    Neda, the girl in blue jeans, dies…
    On the streets of Tehran.

    End 2010


    She fell
    Into the arms
    of those who loved her.

    Their hands covered
    Her bleeding heart
    To stop the martyr’s blood.

    The girl in blue jeans
    Died at Karbala
    In the streets of Tehran.

    End 2009

  2. Neda Soltan’s Stone got me not only banned from ShiaChat, but all the poetry I had posted there for years taken down. It was worth it. I will continue to write a poem for Neda every year until her parents can morn for her in public.

  3. Neda Soltan’s New Friends

    I want you to meet some friends.
    “Pleased.” “Honored.” “Happy to meet you.” “Hi.”
    “Malala, we will be such friends.”

    Marwa El Sherbin,
    She wanted her child to have a place to play.
    “Malala, your mother loves you very much.”

    Dariush Rezaie,
    He wanted to study.
    “Malala, I admire all the books you have read.”

    Majid Shahriari,
    He wanted to teach.
    “Malala, you have such gifted teachers.”

    Khaled Said,
    He wanted freedom of the internet.
    KHALED! Pleasssse put your iPod away.
    “Malala, I’m sorry.”

    Neda Soltan,
    She wanted to sing and dance.
    “Malala, I so admire your uncompromising passion.”

    My name is Ali al-Asghar ibn Husayn.
    I wanted a drink of water with my father.

    But you Malala Yousafzai,
    You want all girls to have an education.
    Alhamdulillah, you are going back!


    By George T. Everette Jr. (Spriglief)
    Poem donated to Commons 2013
    All rights released

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