Terror in Iran


Iran, it’s time of terror.

 A regime whose legitimacy is more and more contested is imprisoning, torturing, and killing. As if it didn’t feel strong enough and sure of itself to leave a space for expression to a legal opposition which agrees to keep within the limits of the islamic regime.

Since millions of Iranians have dared to rally on the streets to denounce the massive electoral fraud of 12th June 2009, more than 2000 persons been arrested and it stiil happens every day. Some of them being tenors of the reformist camp: Collaborators to Moussavi, former ministers, journalists, university professors, human rights advocates. Also, being denounced by local committees, Iranians of all age are being arrested for simply being suspected of having taken part in the June 2009 demostartions and still active today.

The scenario is always the same. Plain clothed armed men without any kind of warrants come to private homes at all times of day or night. The worst is to fear. Pro-Ahmadinejad supporters have publicly threatened to execute opponents. Beatings and torture are normal scenarios in Iranian jails. In many cases arrested persons have simply disappeared. Iranians are once again subjected to the arbitrary violence of the basiji, the regime’s militia.

Its purpose is to frighten people. Its purpose is to tame an educated and sophisticated population which does not recognize itself in the illuminated proclamations of Ahmadinejad: quest for islamic purity, obsession of foreign plots, will to transform the Islamic republic in an islamic dictatorship within which would remain no space of freedom.

 We wait for worlds solidarity with the Iranians.


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