Neda meets Jim Morrison #Iran #iranelection #poem

He Neda how you doing?

* Iam fine Jim, thanks

Do you feel at home here as we call paradise or heaven. What ever you like?

* Yes I feel Okie here. At least it’s peaceful!

What happened down there in June 2009. Tehran?

*We were heading to see Green with his green banners and flags.

Did you see them?

*Yes it was amazing. So powerful. Never saw before in my whole life.

And then?

*Then I heard a single shot. I felt a burning pain. Then I saw myself. Dead. Blood on the ground.

Can you forgive them Neda?

No Jim. The end!



2 responses to “Neda meets Jim Morrison #Iran #iranelection #poem

  1. Pull the Trigger I

    you stand up there
    condemning the free speech
    with God in your back

    Pull the Trigger II

    The man on the roof
    aimes at the people. One shot
    and Neda falls

    Pull the Trigger III

    Friday’s speech
    about Mohareb
    kills people

    Pull the Trigger IV

    liars tongue
    stone after stone throwing
    against the condemned

    Pull the Trigger V

    weapon in your hand
    Persians firing at Persians
    tears on your cheek

  2. Letter to a Little Dictator Down ‘Dere

    Dear Dictator,

    Now that you have killed me,
    I am free,
    free, and unafraid
    to tell the world
    that you are human,
    not Satan,
    in a little body with a BIG ego, and lots of weapons

    Your own army will turn on you.

    I told Persian women to take their power back.


    P.S. No, you can’t kill me for this letter, because you already did, remember?

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