Call from opposition #Iran #iranelection

BEIRUT— Iran’s opposition Green Movement said it was pondering its next move and considering a continuation of street protests, according to opposition websites.

New dates will be announced for antigovernment protests. Facebook , opposition websites.

.”Dictators should know that our fight is not going to end. God willing with courage, coordination and perseverance our next steps will be firmer and harsher,”

A team of advisers and activists, mostly abroad, have formed a group called the Central Organization Committee for the Green Movement and are now calling the shots.

A group of youth activists inside Iran have joined with Iranian activists in the U.S. and Europe to help administer the Facebook pages set up for each protest day as a way to spread the news even when Internet communication is restricted inside Iran.

Waves of uprisings in the Middle East from Bahrain to Libya is helping boost morale and feed the momentum, Iranian activists say. One activist in Iran said there is a sense among Iranians that they don’t want to be left behind on what he described as “a historic train of democracy going through our region.”



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