On Tuesday 22nd March 2011, @TheVeni1 said:

IRI arrest 8 Arab cultural & political activist in #Iran #Iranelection @hrw @AmnestyOnline v @AlArabiya_Eng

Source Al Arabiya (Arabic)- http://www.alarabiya.net/articles/2011/03/15/141673.html

Association Statement on combating racism Ayranvaknsh arrest eight Arab cultural and political activist in Iran

Association to combat racism, anti Vrb in three Saturday 15 – 3-2011 announced last month, Iranian security forces during the eight tons of political activists in the Arab cultural Ramshyr (Khalaf Abad) is arrested.

This focus on intelligence ministry statement without presenting any provision of the first six people and cultural activists in the city and arrested a week after the two others after assault on Ramshyr arrested in personal homes.

Declaration detainees Rahman Asakereh human rights activist, political activist Hashem Shabani, Mohammad Ali Mvry political and cultural activist, poet and cultural activist Mvry martyr, Aghil Aghili computer expert, Bdalamyrmvry political activist, Habib Rashedi former City Council president and Hadi Khalaf Abad Rashedi cultural and political activist has been introduced.

Families of the detainees said, when security forces raided the homes they have not offered any type of sentence and charge these people is unknown.

They have stressed Iran’s security apparatus against the existing laws in this country for their children the right lawyer has denied.

Association to combat racism emphasized that most detainees are a poet and teacher in the city Khalaf Abad holding cultural activities such as poetry and local poets, celebrating and holding free classes to help students began.

Arab activists also influential political forces in the posterior Abad were introduced in the last parliamentary elections and City Council had a leading role.

Statement because the arrested people “approaches to anti-Arab Shvvnysty and local authorities” has a number of human rights organizations urged the Islamic Brjmhvry every way possible pressure to make this release the detainees immediately.


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