Telephones are cut off at Ghezelhesar prison to prevent prisoners from divulging information.

By iran1

The prisoners at Ghezelhesar prison in the city of Karaj were allowed brief calls to their families in the morning today and were completely cut off at noon. During the short communications that some were able to have, the prisoners said they would not be able to use the phones until further notice.

A family member of a current inmate said to Rahana, news section of Human Rights House of Iran, “we were able to contact our prisoner very briefly today. He said his health is ok and an announcement has been made that the prison phones will be cut off.”

This seems to be a scheme on the part of the prison organization to cut off communication and prevent the inmates from sharing any information regarding the events of the previous night. The prison outbreak that took place the previous night resulted in the deaths and injuries of a number of prisoners.

Officials of the prison organization have made an announcement saying that prison guards encountered a group of inmates with the intention of “escaping.” They claim that in the clashes that ensued “a number of prisoners were wounded and some died as a result of injuries and smoke inhalation.”

Iran’s state controlled television station has announced that 14 people are dead, and 33 injured as a result of the violent clashes that occurred in the prison


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