Iranian diplomat in Milan resign as protest against regime brutality

GVF — An Iranian diplomat at Iran’s consulate in Milan has defected from his position as a protest against the brutality of the Iranian regime against protesters. 

According to the “Green Embassy Campaign” based in Norway, Ahmad Maleki has quit his post as first secretary at Iran’s consulate in Milan.

Maleki’s defection comes ahead of planned demonstrations by the Iranian Green Movement to commemorate  two students killed by state forces during Monday’s pro-opposition protests in support of the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings.

“It is not just the overwhelming majority of ordinary Iranians who oppose the establishment, but also in the high ranks of the power pyramid, the majority are dissatisfied with the status quo and the ruthless suppression of the people, the termination of democracy, liberties and human rights in our beloved Iran,” said Maleki in his statement to the Iranian people.

The Green Embassy Campaign has announced that Maleki will hold a joint press-conference with Mohammad Reza Heidari, the campaign’s spokesman who also defected as an Iranian diplomat in Norway.


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