When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right

Recent days that lead to 14th of Februari or 25 Bahman was noticeable tense, the frustration level among ordinary Iranians have raised as the repressive environment created after the Iranian election in 2009 with combination of price increases has agitated the Iranian Middle Class. The vast segments of the urban Iranian middle class are feeling pressured by the closed political atmosphere and the economical hardship that is felt throughout the society.

As the news of the arab uprisings have reached Iranians, the feeling of being the most miserable in the region and now Iranians feel it’s time that change reached Iran as well.

Envy, anger and humiliation is the few feelings that have been felt among the middle class. They showed their resentment towards the supreme leader on Monday in great numbers. Still noticeable is the lack of support among the lower class urban Iranians, as the Mostasafin in Iran has still not risen yet. Urban middle class in Isfahan, Tehran, Rasht, Shiraz, Kermanshah and many other Iranian cities poured out to the streets and defied the threats of the Revolutionary guard and basijis. The Green Movement is alive and strong as ever, no matter how many arrests, executions and terror being forced on the movements members.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.  –  John F. Kennedy

The slogan was hard and radical, no reform slogans was shouted. It was slogans against the system and the leaders of it. To really take off and make this movement an ocean of protesters defying tyranny, the working class Iranians need to come out into the streets.

For the winds of change to sweep Iran, it needs to reach out to the poor districts in Iran and get the working class who are feeling squeezed due to price increases and inflation with combination of high unemployment into the streets.

They would break the backbone of the basijis and send them running out of the squares of the cities. Freedom is near and Iranians are realising it more and more for each day. The regime is shaken as well as the ranks of the security forces, they are feeling that they used all options at their disposal and still masses comes out. Only thing left is massive crackdown on people and trial of Mousavi and Karroubi, but they don’t dare to go that far as the cracks within are to big. It could be the final blow. Winds of change are on it’s way…

source Observing Iran


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  2. Thank you..really informative!!

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