Middle Class Revolutions

Watching CNN, BBC or any major international news source there is much talks about the twitter or Facebook revolutions and generations. Yes, these social medias have been a tool to initiate protests but they are not a decisive tool to bring about change in Middle Eastern nations. First of all, only a few percentage of the Iranian population has Facebook or twitter accounts. It’s more within the young middle class generation who have access to these tools. If relying on the social medias, the movements will ultimately fail and will be used against its organisers.

The Iranian middle class are the most active group and the main people on the streets of Iran. The Iranian regime is aware of this, they are not building their power base on them. They are aiming for the Mostazafin  (the outcasts, the oppressed masses or poor working class) segments of Iranian population.

To archive a powerful movement that would shake the grounds of the rulers these things need to be addressed:

  • Involve and mobilise the working class of urban Iran
  • Mobilise the state employees, teachers, bus drivers, oil workers, truck drivers etc.
  • Get the bazaars merchants to participate in the protests by shutting down during the days of protests.
  • Unemployed youth of southern Tehran

Social Medias are for the Middle Class, they now how to communicate their message to the other segments of the Iranian society. The down with slogans on the streets should not be directed towards the nations leaders, but more towards economical and social failures.

  • The middle class wants: political freedom, free elections, freedom of press etc.
  • The working class wants: job opportunities, purchasing power, workers rights, unions etc.

The slogans and messages need to include the needs of the working class for them to join in. When ordinary Iranian working class joins in, then nobody is running from basijis. They are the real hard men and women of Iran, that would die to archive their demands.

A “revolution” can never triumph if it’s a “middle class revolution”. The only chance a revolution can have is if the poor masses join the protests, and the working class launches a general strike. 20th of february will be the next date that Iranians defy their rulers, if the poor in the cities join in…then they are up for yet another great suprise.

Unite workes and Movement.


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