Mohammad Mokhtaris Died 25 Bahman In The Name Of Freedom

One of Martyr Mohammad Mokhtaris Latest Facebook Status messages at 11 february 2011: “Dear God, Let me die on my feet, because I am tired to sitting in oppression”
Check out his Facebook profile including his pictures:
It’s sooooooooooooo sad :'((((
یکی‌ از آخرین استاتوای شهید محمد مختاری در فیس… بوک قبل از شهادت: خدایا ایستاده مردن را نصیبم کن که از نشسته زیستن در ذلت خسته‌ام !!

Martyr Mohammad Mokhtari, second martyr of anti-regime protest on 14 Feb 2011
Mohammad was killed by gun shot by regime forces and died in hospital…
دومین شهید روز ۲۵ بهمن ، محمد مختاری
محمد مختاری امروز در بیمارستان در اثر جراحات ناشی از شلیک گلوله به شهادت رسید.Lees verder


One response to “Mohammad Mokhtaris Died 25 Bahman In The Name Of Freedom

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