Demonstration in Iran Tehran
خشم ملت ایران در ۲۵ بهمن
Monday 25 Bahman, The Day of Rage in Iran, Stand UP
February 14 / 25 Bahman
I was following Tunisian and Egyptian protests and revolutions (if I can call them revolution) closely these days. I’m happy for Egypt for getting rid of dictatorship. They showed how resistance would lead into victory — at least it was a good lesson for Iranian protesters.
Few days ago, Iranian Green Movement leaders called for a protest on February 14 in support of Tunisian and Egyptian people. It was the first call since the last year. Since I woke up today, I was following Iranian blogosphere to see how the virtual reactions to the call is. I believe after resignation of Mubarak, Iranian people have achieved self-confidence and see themselves closer to their demands. Egyptian revolution was reinforcement to Iranian non-violent movement.
Some guys created a page on facebook.com entitled “25 Bahman” (or February 14) and are inviting everyone to attend the protest. They are also discussing their goals and strategies to front the oppressing forces on the day. One interesting thing is the increasing rate of people who mark this page as “like”. As I am refreshing the page right now, the number of people is increasing about 150 persons per 15 minutes (41,817 right now)! Also the users of all Iranian cities have created their own page of February 14 and are spreading the time and location of the protest in their own cities (e.g. facebook pages for Isfahan, Rasht, Tabriz, Shiraz, Oroumieh, Kermanshah and Mashhad).
Internet since yesterday has been very slow and in some major cities is nearly down. Nonetheless the Iranian blogosphere is inflammatory. As I’m analyzing the internet users’ spirit on the facebook, websites and blogs, I think February 14 is going to be another milestone in history of Green Movement.

A Green Revolution in Making Egypt Mansoura ثورة المنصورة مصر
Omar Soliman Announcing Hosni Mubarak’s Step Down from presidency!
أعلن عمر سليمان حسني مبارك استقالته من رئاسة!
Omar Suleiman Hosni Mubarak announced the resignation from the presidency!
عمر سلیمان اعلام استعفا حسنی مبارک را از مقام ریاست جمهوری!

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الجزائر المغرب تونس إنتفاضة حسني مبارك العراق الإسكندرية إسرائيل مصر القاهرة


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