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As tensions are rising, the Mousavi and Karroubis call for a demonstration could strike a nerve within the masses that are looking to the Arab revolution as a point of reference. In fact the call itself is a reflection of the pressure building up from below.

At the same time the successful use the methods of consistent direct action, used by the Arab masses, exposes the emptiness of Mousavi’s open letters and statements. At the same time these experiences, especially those in Egypt, highlight the fact that mere one-day street demonstrations are not enough either. What is needed is firstly a sustained stepping up of pressure, a consistent programme for the overthrow of the regime and most importantly the entrance of the working class onto the stage with strike action. This was what gave the final push to Ben Ali in Tunisia and this is what has finally given the death blow to Hosni Mubarak.

By bringing society to a halt, cutting off the supplies and showing the collective might of the working class, a general strike not only significantly weakens the regime, but also strengthens the movement by bringing out many new layers and increases morale. No force on earth can withstand the might of the workers once they begin to move. Thus, a general strike, more than anything poses the question of power within society. This has been impressively demonstrated in Egypt and Tunisia.

The February 14 demonstrations must be used as the first step to build such a movement in Iran as well. The demonstration must be used as an impulse to set up committees in all universities, factories and neighbourhoods, to mobilize for the demonstrations and to organise for the defence of the movement against the Basiji thugs. At the same time the committees must be used to continue the movement and prepare for a general strike for the overthrow of the regime.

All social layers in Iran are following the events in the Arab world, the regime with great fear, the masses with great joy and anticipation. This immense impulse must be used to gather all the forces of the Iranian revolution and overthrow the rotten regime in Tehran.


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