Political prisoner faces imminent execution

 Families of political prisoners staged a protest gathering in front of the  Evin prison in Tehran, They always facing agents and forces,  according  sources.

 Regime has already instructed to be on full alert for an upcoming important religious holiday and the anniversary of the 1979 revolution on February 11. More protests are expected. Heavy presence of forces, agents and police.

The Government has full control over Media and any form of communication.

Iranian regime’s agents, in some instances clashing with  suppressive forces.

Intimidation by Mullahs on every level.  Saremi family: ‘Grave stone should be ordinary.

The faltering regime of mullahs has resorted to expanding suppression and increasing the number of executions in order to create a climate of fear. They trying to break the spirit of the movement. It’s hard to communicate and coordinate for opposition all over the country.  There reports from other cities in Iran reveal that the clerical regime is increasingly.

Dark clouds hanging over Iran. It is  almost surrealistic. But it is not. It all happening. As in nightmare. And the world. The world knows.

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