Who is Amir Hossein Jahanchahi, the Founding Chairman of ‘Green Wave’

Amir Hossein Jahanchahi, the Founding Chairman of ‘Green Wave – Supporters of Freedom in Iran’ was born in September 0691 to a distinguished family with a long history of service to the Iranian nation that dates back to 01th Century when his paternal ancestors were in control of vast territories that included present day Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iraq.His maternal Great-Grand Father was Shaikh Kaz’al, the powerful governor of Khuzestan under whose administration (prior to his downfall in the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi) the first agreements incorporating ‘the Anglo-Persian Oil Company’ which constituted the birth of the Iranian petroleum industry were signed and implemented. More recently, other close members of his family have been in charge of key position within Iran’s modern bureaucracy (his grand-father was the President of the High Court of Justice and his uncles have served as the Head of Iran’s Central Bank and as cabinet ministers). Last but not least, Amir Hossein Jahanchahi’s father was himself a former Finance Minister in the government of the late Shah of Iran as well as the Founder and Vice-President of the Pahlavi Foundation (known after the revolution as the ‘Mostazefin Foundation’ which today plays a major role in Iran’s economic life).

Based in the UK, Amir Hossein Jahanchahi completed his education in France where he obtained his degrees in the field of Economics at Paris II University. Having worked as a financial advisor until

0699, he later became a successful real estate developer in Paris, Madrid and Barcelona before embarking on a career as a major stake holder in large public companies along with other major financial investors.


An Iranian patriot and nationalist, Amir Hossein Jahanchahi has been most concerned about the about the rapid rise of radical fundamentalism in Iran which has greatly damaged the stature and well being of the Iranian nation and placed the prospects of its future generations in serious jeopardy. Hence, his interest in politics and his gradual active involvement in political matters that began shortly in the aftermath of 600 when his first book entitled, “Defeating the Third Totalitarianism”- in which he projects modern day Islamic fundamentalism as the greatest threat to modern civilization, international order and stability since Nazism – was published in December 1110. He has since followed the publication of his first book with a series of articles in which he has warned and alerted the free world of the threat that is posed by Iran’s revisionist fundamentalist regime. It is his belief that given the fact that the concept of Islamic government was born in Iran with the collusion of a duped population, it is only fitting that the Iranian people should themselves consign this failed ideology and system of government to the dustbin of history – an act that will also serve as a major eye opener to all Moslems the world over.


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