TheZibatarinMoosighi | August 16, 2010 This is not a propaganda ..this is FACTS !!And i STILL DONT WANT WAR ON IRAN. But thousandss have been executed ..raped 2 on humanrights list over executing people in the whole world is now I.R.I.!i am sad mad feeling devestated..i have seen broken bodys,broken minds(from Mousavi and Khomeini time)i have had friends that been killed under this REGIME..i have friends in Evin jail..If I.R.I dont KILL,they leave scars outside and inside ..with torture beyond imagination ..I have never ever made a video like this under my 16 years knowledge of whats going on in Iran (and this is nothing compared to reality )ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!this socalled supreme leader and his dictator is a disaster to the Iranian people! FREE ALL THE INNICENT..IN JAIL

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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