Source: Mohammad Nourizad’s blog


Mohammad Nourizad, the imprisoned journalist and documentary maker, who has recently been released on bail, wrote his sixth and last letter, as he calls it, to the supreme leader and reminded him of the mistakes he has made in his role

has been sentenced to prison for writing letters to the supreme leader criticizing his actions in confronting the people and opposing the will of the people and backing the coup government.NourizadMohammad

(one thousand dollar) unpaid debt but the president, his vice president as well as some of their ministers and government managers with billions in embezzlement and fraud, in a marathon of deceiving the people, brag about their shirt buttons close to their throats (a sign of being religious among the revolutionary officials) and laugh at the law and the people.”toman] as the supreme leader, the law and abiding the law by officials became insignificant and worthless. The favorite ones used the law as a ladder to climb up in power and gain opportunities. A miserable poor man is thrown into government’s prison over a million Khamenei Ali [Seyyed has published on his personal website, he writes: “Oh Lord, in the time of NourizadIn this letter named “the last letter” that Mohammad

At the end of his letter, Mohammad Nourizad once again urges the supreme leader to order the release of innocent political prisoners now that he is getting to the end of the journey of life and this way he may make peace with the people and don’t leave a bad name of himself in history


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