Her name was Elnaz.  She was 26.  She was not an activist, nor she had any intentions of changing the world. She was simply a young woman who wanted to live like any young woman should, to be beautiful, to love, to study and enjoy life.  Her crime was just that, being beautiful and wearing make up.  She was stopped by the Militant Basij forces for improper Islamic attire.  Yes, she had lipstick and her hair was not properly covered.  When she refused to get into the Militants Basij Militia’s car, they carjacked her and took her to the outskirts of the city of Tabriz, where she was brutally beaten, raped and murdered.  Her facial bones were especially all broken.  How dare she display her beauty ?

Today her murderer is walking free.  Arrested for a mere 5 minutes during which it was quickly decided this was a misunderstanding.

We want the world to know….

Last year Neda Agha Soltan’s murder was captured by a camera so the world could see, but Elnaz died alone.  There were no cameras, the only witnesses were the stray dogs in the ruins where she was found….Our family feels lucky to have at least found her body, for so many young women with the same fate as Elnaz are never found.

We want the world to know.  So my dear friends please pass this along to as many people as you can.  Put it on your face book walls, (blogs and websites) so others can see.


Freedom and Democracy for Iran

Source: Droi


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