In a protest letter addressing Tehran’s Prosecutor political prisoners of ward four of Gohardahst Prison pointed to violation of human rights in the prison and the deplorable conditions of prisoners there. Some of the issues pointed at in this letter are as follows:

1 -  Water is cut till afternoon in some days causing fungal skin diseases and spread of louse.
2 -  The number of toilets and bathrooms are three or four for each 300 prisoners.
3 -  There is no ration of toothpaste, toothbrush, towel and slippers for the prisoners who are banned from having visitors.
4 -  By the regulations of (Prison) Organization there must be 80 to 100 prisoners at each saloon but for example in saloon No. 11 there are about 450 to 480 prisoners.
5 -  The room dedicated to each prisoner is less than one square meter in the building and less than 0.5 square meters at the yard.
6 – Mixing political prisoners with addicts and psychics who are mostly equipped with ‘cold weapons’ (knives and etc.) is a serious potential danger for political prisoners.
7 -  Beating of political prisoners by the criminals imprisoned and threatening them of murder and transferring them to the hot and dreadful solitary cells famous as ‘Dog House’ takes place. Behrooz Javid Tehrani, Rasool Bodaghi and Shir Mohammad Rezaie have been subject of such terror.
8 -  In person visits are banned and prisoners are not taken to hospitals outside the prison when they are in deed of it. Ali Moezi, Khaled Hardani and Mansour Osanloo are subjects of such treatment.
9 -  Each prisoner can go to prisons treatment room only once every 45 days and if some one is in need in addition to that the head of the room will tell him ‘go and die one less the better’.
10 -  The medicine given are not affective, the excuse; lack of budget. Despite the fact, families of the prisoners are not permitted to bring medication for the prisoners.
11 -  Windows of the cells are blocked with brick causing lack of light and fresh air which is the main reason for skin and lung diseases as prison physicians admit.
12 -  No milk, vegetable or fruit is in nutrition diet of the prisoners and the goods in prison’s shops are without quality.
13 -  Rape and suspicious and systematic murder is committed at the prison. Narcotics are easily at hand.
14 -  The rights of religious minorities are violated and not only they cannot perform their religious ceremonies but they are even mocked and offended.

Iran Student’s  Committee

Source: Droi



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