Facebook | Rose Abi


Facebook | Rose Abi

Bahram Maskanian Dear fellow Iranian / Persian People, please read and spread this letter far and wide, send this – Shab Nameh – a PDF document written in Farsi / Persian – to all Iranian / Persian people you know within Iran and elsewhere.
Those who do not learn from their true history are doomed to repeat it. As we have been for far t……oo long. Womankind =+ Mankind = Humankind

We should all learn about the notorious and criminal Islamic coup d’état of 1979, followed by over 3


We, the people, are wedged in an inescapable common bond of humanity, a mutual network, tied together, weaved in a fabric of humankind, our lives and our destiny, for better, or for worse. – Whatever affects one, it shall reverberate allover the world and will affect all of us. – It would be a huge …



One response to “Facebook | Rose Abi

  1. Ulrieka Budzinski

    Will do all I can to spread the messege of the situation in Iran. Ulrieka

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