Mehdi Karroubi in an interview with Jaras website and in answer to the question “There are complaints by Iranians outside of Iran who ask, don’t the leaders of the Green movement have any program for organizing the forces inside and outside Iran? 

Why not use the vast investment made by all Iranians to in this cause?” said:  The movement began inside Iran.  Iranians abroad consequently also supported this movement.  The efforts by Iranians outside Iran is greatly appreciated, but sometimes we must also take into consideration the conditions that exist inside Iran. 

Here I would like to request from Iranian diaspora to pay attention to some of their demands, expectations and slogans. Unfortunately, some of the extreme remarks that take place outside of Iran lead to internal pressures and the regime takes advantage of these remarks to increase internal pressure on opposition forces within Iran. 

Iranians abroad are the voice of the Iranian people inside of Iran to let other nations hear their voice.  I am hopeful that as we move forward, the messages and slogans inside and outside Iran will be more aligned.  We must also be careful and pay attention to the various influences.  Sometimes people with influence who use harsh rhetoric, only provide fuel to the ruling government to suppress the movement.

 This movement will continue and gradually the efforts both within and outside Iran will be better coordinated.  It is important that we realize that our victory will require time and will not happen over night.

Full interview in farsi…پارسى

Source: Droi


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