The Green Voice of Freedom has posted a statement purportedly issued by some Army commanders warning the authorities in Iran that they will be confronted if the continue down the path of tyranny.  We can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the statement, but will publish it, as the green voice of freedom has proved to be a trusted and reliable source

Irangreenvoice – A group of commanders in the Iranian Army have issued a statement warning Iranian authorities that they will be confronted with by military personnel if they persist in establishing further dictatorship and tyranny in the country.

The letter by a group of commanders and holders of military ranks in the Iranian Army was obtained by the Green Voice of Freedom. It has been published by the Persian service of the Green Voice of Freedom a day before the anniversary of the liberation of the Iranian city of Khorramshar in 1982 when Iranian armed forces succeeded in evicting Iraqi invaders from southern Iran.

The letter points out the “undeniable” role of the Iranian Army in liberating Khorramshahr, in addition to the important role of the entire Iranian people for this memorable victory.
Addressing the Iranian people, the letter adds: “The responsibility of your children in the Army of the Islamic Republic has always been to defend the country and nation against the different threats that exist and are summarised as foreign threats—colonialism—and internal threats—tyranny.”

In the letter, the commanders state that they are “maintaining their vigilance” in identifying these threats and their causes. “Meanwhile Army personnel are faced with the same economic, social and cultural problems as the rest of the nation.”

“These problems are the outcome of the mismanagement and incompetence of certain officials in the Islamic Republic and it is evident to everyone, that this incompetence and mismanagement, especially in recent years, is the result of the whimsical behaviour of certain officials and their reading of the constitution and the Islamic System. Hence, the serving personnel of the Army announce their deep concern with regards to the exploitation of the country’s laws by certain officials for advancing their own personal ends and the goals of groups they belong to.”

The commanders also issue a “warning” to the current “lawbreaking” rulers, stating that they will not tolerate a “further exploitation of power, wealth and arms against the Iranian people in order to consolidate erratic rule and dictatorship.”

“If they persist with their illegal, anti-religious and immoral behaviour against the Iranian people, they must know that they will be confronted with the revolutionary force of the nation’s sons in the Army of the Islamic Republic.”

Source: Droi


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