To all those opposed to the current dictatorship inside and outside my country as well as those who are insiders within the regime.

We must forget our differences from the past and unite for the attainment of our common objective : The fall of Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad’s dictatorship is bent on decapitating the growing opposition in our country in order to prevent the solidification of any movement amongst the people. It is his intention to have a free hand for the promotion of its imperialist project  of regional conquest that will culminate in a killing frenzy as a result of an inevitable and total war with our neighbours and subsequently with all the democracies in the world.

Meanwhile, the dictatorship will seek to buy time in its dealings with the Western democracies, playing a cynical game aimed at abusing their naïve trust and goodwill. It is for this reason that we must seek to ensure the demise of this dictatorship before it is too late.

The time has now come to move from a fragmented opposition, whose key leaders can be arrested and put away at any time, to a well structured and unified movement whose clear objective is to secure the downfall of the dictatorship so that our nation may be able to start a new era.

Inside Iran, for the sake of their own security as well as that of the entire nation, it is imperative that all responsible elements associated with the opposition should conduct their affairs by going underground. As for those elements situated within the structures of the regime whose numbers are constantly on the increase who are worried about the increasingly hostile intentions of Ahmadinejad, I say to them that they are much more useful for themselves and for us if they can continue to remain at their present positions rather than ending up in prisons or losing their heads.

To unify our forces, we will put in place the structure of an affective opposition movement that will oppose the dictatorship to its very end. Once the country has been freed, we shall then establish a Second Republic based on the coveted ideals advocated in 1906 and again in 1979 – which were stolen from our people on both occasions.

We, the Iranian Diaspora which now numbers well over two million, are ready to play our role in this national struggle. We must become the voice of the struggle to liberate Iran. Together with the underground resistance  movement inside Iran, we will unify our forces to organize a movement that will isolate the regime and force it to its knees. Our unity will reinforce hope force and reassure all our citizens, and in particular our women and our youth, to wholeheartedly  believe in the inevitability of our victory. At the right moment, we will once again publicly exhibit the  force of millions of people, this time in a decisive manner, much like the way in which that support was manifested in the streets of Tehran on the day after Ahmadinejad’s coup d’état.

We must mobilize     all our forces to unite not just with the Western democracies but also with Russia and China in order to fend off Ahmadinejad’s bellicose project of regional conquest. Instead, we must mobilize and unite them to join and reinforce the camp of the people of Iran.

We must at the same time also begin the process of secret negotiations with certain responsible elements within the regime, that are also keen in seeking an end to the current dictatorship, in order to plan the contours of provisional government.

In the history of our nation, legitimacy has played a major role in the administration of our country and of our armed forces (even in the case of the Revolutionary Guards despite their particular situation).
They will also join our camp once they have acknowledged our legitimacy as powerful new force ready to assume the governance of our country.

This will be a long and painful struggle where great sacrifices of the most sacred nature will be needed. But we are determined to move forward because there is no other choice.

We must move forward because we are determined to go through a moment in which we ourselves will write the history of our nation.

Therefore, we must at no time be intimidated by the immensity of the kind of obstacles that will come before us and our dreams.

I appeal to all  forces of progress, men a women of our nation both inside and outside to join  us in this battle for bringing down the current dictator in a process that will build and install the Second Republic of Iran


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