Deputy Chairman of Iranian reformist party E’temad Melli (National Trust) denied rumors on the death or hospitalization of the protest leader, Mahdi Karroubi who is hading the party.

Commenting on the report which was spread by anti-revolutionary media, Rasoul Montajab-Nia said: “I made a phone call to Mr. Karroubi’s home, actually he’s doing well.” 

“Karroubi is staying at his home now and rumors on his illness and death is totally untrue and nothing more than a political extortion,” he stated. 

“After hearing about the issue, I contacted Mr. Karroubi, talked to him and I was assured of his healthiness,” Montajab-Nia added. 

It should be noted that this morning a SMS titled “Urgent: the Sheikh of the reformist movement passed away,” was circulated in the country. 

Accompanying Iran’s top protest leader and former Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi, Karroubi the former Parliament Speaker challenged Iranian government headed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after the disputed presidential election on June 12 which reinstated Ahmadinejad

soure: Khabar


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