10 months passed now after Election-Day.

 The situation only get worse. IRG is isolating Iran from the outside world and use all his evil tools to keep on going.  Iran is in an economic and social crisis you can not imagine. Simply said. The rich get richer and the poor get poor.

The Green Movement has still a social fundamental basis of exist is. The only problem is the lack of good leadership. Mr Mousavi and Mr Karroubi see themself as leader of the Movement. The only problem in pion is they will stick to a Islamic Republic and not speak about an Secular Democratic Iran.

The brutal violence against the people of Iran is the same old story. It continues every day.  Intimidation, arrests, torture,  trials and speed up executions. Money make this cruel government go on.  They buy power, the buy people.

The time as come to take other actions.  Why should you believe in peaceful demonstrations while demonstrators get arrested, tortured and killed.  If you still believe in it. Then its time to open your eyes. 


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