Comment about a Arthes from a Iranian who express his feelings!

For the past several months, there have been rumors that elements inside Iran’s main army ‘Artesh’ are discontent with the continued repression against peaceful protesters by the Iranian government.

The story claimed that several officers within Artesh had sent out a letter (Iranian website Gooya.) denouncing the regime’s brutal suppression tactics against the Green Movement. It also warned the government that it will take action if violence  continues.  The letter was not signed, no names.,  no ranks,  no original copy of the letter.

 This has been a source of hope for some people supporting the Green Movement. But so far, there has been almost nothing to back this up.

What has Artesh done so far? Have they tried to stop the IRGC or Basij? Or the riot police or regular coppers? No. They have done absolutely nothing. Even when dozens were killed on Ashura, Artesh remained silent as it always has.


7 responses to “IRAN’S MAIN ARMY ‘ARTESH’

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  3. Do you expect the Artesh officials who wrote such letters reveal their name an blow up their plans. Do you understand that the authors of such statment will be executed of get caught.
    I don’t say that such letters can’t be fake, but based on my understanding of Iranian military and the fact that I grew up with friends from high ranked military famillies in Iran, I have to tell you that the Iranian military has never been on the sane side as regime, even during the time regime had majority support
    There are IRGC & intel agents positioned w/in the military ranks and that’s why any freedom mission has to be under 100% secrecy untill the second the operation starts.
    But it has to be supported with the majority of Artesh or otherwise a fight w/in artesh and when IRGC will also break into 2 pieces, would mean a frustrating civil war.
    I know the soldiers will eventually take off with their guns to protect the civilians even if their generals order them to no to.

    • Dear Cyrus
      Thanks for your comment. Those words are from a Iranian inside Iran who react on article about Arthes!. I forgot to mention that in my post. I will correct it. But about what you saying. That makes me hopefull, Because sooner or later they have to protect the people and the movement. The waves keeps coming. 22 Bahman will another tipping point. But again with a lot of violence from #IRG’s tools. In others your comment makes me hopefull only the question is when will be the moment?

      Best wishes

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