Taraneh Mousavi (1981-2009)

RAPED, TORTURED AND KILLED by the Islamic regime

28, was among hundreds arrested on June 19th, 2009 in Iran’s post-election aftermath. Like many of the detained, tortured, beaten and murdered citizens who took part in civil protests against the election results, there has been no news of her whereabouts.

It is reported that after the elapse of three weeks, an anonymous regime agent has contacted Taraneh’s mother, stating that she been hospitalized in Imam Khomeini’s Hospital in Karaj.

The hospitalization, the agent reported, WAS DUE TO RUPTURING OF HER WOMB AND ANUS, in what presented as an “unfortunate accident” in the vicinity o the Sharia’ti Street.

According to a witness account who was arrested with her, she was detained in the vicinity of Ghaba Mosque in the Sharia”ti Street in Tehran and was later transported to the Evin Prison.

The witness who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that she became the subject to many physical and emotional abuse and ongoing torture. Islamist militia blocked any form of contact between Taraneh and her parents inside the prison.

According to reports, this young woman was arrested by plain clothes security forces at 6 pm after participating in the 7th tir ceremony at Ghoba mosque. While after interrogation all other detainees were brought to Nobonyad police station by basij and intelligence agents, the plain clothes agents kept Taraneh in a building near Hosseinie Ershad.

According to witnesses, while most of the participants in the ceremony were dressed in normal clothes and trainers, Taraneh was wearing chic clothes and high-heeled shoes, and caught the interrogators’ attention because of her hairstyle, make-up and beauty.

When Taraneh’s family, who live in Jeyhoun Street in West Tehran, went to look for her at Nobonyad police station, the officers at the station said they didn’t know anything about her. But the other detainees told the family that Taraneh was in custody with the Basijis and hadn’t been turned over to the police station. This made the family even more worried.

The probability the she had been gang raped increased when a couple of days later an unidentified person telephoned the family and said that after an “accident” Taraneh had been admitted to Imam Khomeini Hospital in Karaj because of tears in her womb and anus.

After several days of searching, her family at last found Taraneh’s car, which had been parked near Ghoba mosque, and they went to inquire at Imam Khomeini hospital in Karaj. One of the nurses confirmed that an unconscious girl matching Taraneh’s description had been brought in by plain clothes forces and had been removed again after a couple of hours. This girl’s particulars hadn’t been entered in the hospital records.

This increases the suspicion that Taraneh M. may have been raped by the Basijis and security forces and may even have died. But her family won’t yet accept this and hope that if they follow the advice of the police, i.e. to keep quiet, they will be able to trace their daughter.

Source: http://europenews.dk/en/node/25152 Via monique2824  by Sarbaz01

ترانه موسوی ۲۸ ساله

وضعیت: او در ۷ تیر در تهران اطراف مسجد قبا دستگیر شد به همراه چهل نفر دیگر به بازداشتگاهی واقع در خیابان پاسدازان منتقل گردید. پس از تجاوز پیکر نیمه سوخته او را



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  2. I see that a new picture was found for “Taraneh Mousavi”. Too bad it bears no resemblance to the old picture. http://johnbatchelorshow.com/images/taraneh_mosavi___09_16.jpg

    How long will this ridiculous hoax continue?


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