What will happen. We really don’t know. Iran entered a very dangerous period with extreme violence against the people.

But Iranian authorities still have been unable to stop the Movement. The regime is under threat from internal opposition. The revolution has spread to the entire country. The Movement is gaining wider support from traditional and religious sectors. All good signs.

But still the Movement got Iranian Government tools to deal with. IRCG, Basij and Security Forces. What about Artesh? It’s all very complex to know what will happen.

Mobilisation of the Green movement has to mean. That millions and millions will join the streets in every city. A general strike to lay down the country. And leadership to lead the Movement.

We all have to wait to get the picture more clear. The tipping point could be 22 Bahman.

The Movement is dealing with a regime you can compare with the Nazi regime.



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  2. Mr. Ray Morrison, You do a very good job on Twitter.
    Thank you very much.

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  4. Hi Raymond and thanks for paying attention to Iran

    Hope you are doing well.

    The mixed up media reaction about recent happenings in Iran has created a cloudy understanding in the world’s mind. And i hate to say it but, right along the regime’s support media, the western media tried to reduce the whole insurgency status into two wings of the regime’s inside fight.

    Although during the election period a few early demonstration appeared to be – at least partially -organized by the “greens”, that are in and of it all another sector of the ruling capitalist class that tries to sound more compatible with the modern neo liberalism (with its superficial so called democracy,) but many of the demonstrators very soon began turning slogans from down with Ahmadinejad into down with the regime as a whole. Burning Islamic flags, photographs of Khamenei and Khomeini the founder are self explanatory. And in fact many, many of the demonstrators (of whose death some of the photos like Neda’s became visible to the whole world,) had not voted at all and, during last 30 years, they have had fundamental ideological changes in their lives. beside a few leftist, workers, communist organizations popping out (of the most remarkable is the Red Neda that has in its plan to form a genuine Workers Party for Iran and, has stated in no way it supports anything like post Kronstadt Russia and anything like China, saying their early Soviet Union and Paris Communes are the models) lots of Moslem born people have switched in large numbers into Zoroastrian faith and Christianity of whom lots are physically, financially hurt and incarcerated.

    Except this recent incident on Ashura day in which very much it turned into confrontation of the regime wings, i.e. “reformist” who call for going back to early days of revolution style, most of the post elections demonstrations had their own character and often were told by reformist to their supporters not to participate and if they did be nice to the Islamic Guards and Baseej bloody agents who shot and clubbed people brutally. Only remain non violent to the bloody regime was reformists message, even though later some of their supporters and relatives got shot and killed and arrested on heavy charges.

    Perhaps the students’ demonstrations on November 4th and December 7th were the most important radical happenings. In one, a person came with a truck load of bricks, near revolution square, got off the truck, started breaking bricks and passed them to the demonstrators as their weapons to confront the regime. Already some more radical old fashioned groups as they are self proclaimed are asking why not distributing guns? Well, you give them out sir comrade!!!

    Right now though, this movement is in a set back but, in the least two things has been achieved. one is people have expressed their will to dare to confront till death in the street with the enemy, there is a new leftist set of movement is being formed and, an example in Ahwaz is self explanatory. There, the workers of pipes production were demonstrating for their back pays and their basic rights. Ordinary people surrounded them, chanted along with them for their rights and, radicalized it more with calling for overthrowing the regime. So there is no way for anybody to call those workers activity right economist or when the average people are taking it to political level of regime overthrow as left economy since, none of the two were done by any vanguard party. So, the workers and average people are way ahead of the many groups in exile and, there is not, yet been formed a genuine radical communist workers party. (Worker-Communist party of Iran is not revolutionary at all and like its support for US intervention in Afghanistan as means to liberate women from Taliban, they demonstrate along pro Shah Rich indirectly asking the US to overthrow the regime and perhaps grant them a chance to act as a legal labor movement. No way!
    on the other hand the old Tudeh Party and People’s Fadaee Majority are still acting are regime supporters (same who turned in other groups to the regime including getting guns fighting against Maoist group in Amol)…

    Let’s hope for a good growth of workers movement or lest the potential of people’s rebel will be abused by another reactionary capitalist force when regime needs to fall

    For further talks or questions feel free to write to me at siahnaxalkal@gmail.com

  5. Thank you for blogging on this issue. We need this kind of transparency is face of what mass media is telling us.

  6. Third party stupidity forever has its roots in the media, both LMS and conservative. They are the sole ones lecturing about it. Tea partiers do not have this in their minds. All they wish is small-scale governance, lower taxes, smarter security for the nation and an adherence to the Constitution. The medias occupation is to get people all mad about anything and always missing the point. How many times must Sarah say to the rest of you third political party cause types that this is not a political party? Right this red hot minute, those principles really exist in the Republican Party political platform. Not so much in the Democrats. Its getting rather pedestrian for Sarah to have to carry on telling the mass media what she says and means. She invariably says what she thinks and means what she states. This is not a massive mystery. There are way too many people that call themselves journalists that have comprehension problems.

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